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FCRA Insight -- Free Introduction

  • 19 Jan 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual via Zoom --
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Did you get everything you wanted from the NCLC Consumer Litigation Conference?

Tired of other programs offering the same, rehashed FCRA 101 without providing concrete instructions on how to make your practice more profitable? 

Do other consumer programs leave you without actionable items to improve your practice and bottom line?  Do you feel as though you are working alone, rather than collaborating with your peers? 

Does it feel like other program aren’t designed to help solo and small firm attorneys succeed?

Free Introduction to FCRA Insight

Start your new year with a new perspective on your FCRA practice.  On Friday January 19, 2024 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, FCRA Insight presents a free Midday virtual introduction to the Insight program for intermediate level FCRA practitioners in small and solo practices.  Ian Lyngklip of Lyngklip & Associates will host the program which will be held online via Zoom.

The presentation will last until approximately 1:15 EST with Q&A to follow.

Participation is limited to 15 practitioners .  Details and registration  available on the FCRA Insight website.

About the Program

The FCRA Insight program was designed with private practitioners handling individual cases in mind, to provide the framework and resources that they need to effectively litigate FCRA cases to their maximum value, without having to rely on larger firms for support or guidance.  The FCRA Insight Introduction will provide you with practitioners with an eye towards avoiding common litigation pitfalls in the age of Ramirez.

With adoption of the FCRA Insight Core Case selection process, practitioners can learn how to avoid "money pit" and "fool's gold" cases, and direct their efforts to money-making litigation.  This Introduction will get you on the path to constant improvement of your practice.   This program is the foundation for later programs that will build on the skill set acquired in the Introduction.

Details and Registration on the FCRA Insight website.

Foundations of Insight

The FCRA Insight method relies upon Lean Management fundamentals to deploy, evaluate, and improve processes in your law office, with the end goal of increasing profit.  The FCRA Insight Kick Start will help practitioners to evaluate new approaches best suited to their respective offices and clients.  Along the way, we will rely upon data analysis, cognitive psychology, collaboration models, and a host of other disciplines to boost results, one process at a time.   And with each FCRA Insight Kick Start Module, we will feature the latest & greatest technology to ensure that you not only learn the aforementioned principles but are able to leave the Kick Start able to implement those principles.  (See a description of our other programs below.)

Details and Registration on the FCRA Insight website.

Introduction Agenda

The 2024 FCRA Insight Introduction will provide the key case selection tool underlying the FCRA Insight program, Core Cases:

  • Understanding the common pitfalls in case selection in the age of Ramirez
  • Recognizing desirable attributes of fact patterns that lend themselves to profitable litigation.
  • Learn the importance of using identifiable fact patterns in case selection, drafting, discovery, and negotiation.  Using the concept of core cases will allow you to focus on the cases that can make you money and help streamline your processes.
  • Recognizing "fools gold" cases that appear desirable but offer little opportunity for success.

Details and Registration on the FCRA Insight website.


Following the Insight program, the insight staff will continue to work with attendees to assure their continued success with the program and materials.  The FCRA Insight Kick Start aftercare includes:

  • 1 year admission to the Insight Listserv
  • 2 Hours of Free Coaching
  • A community of like-minded practitioners. 

Details and Registration on the FCRA Insight website.


The Insight program is intended only for private practitioners working on individual cases.  This program does NOT support legal aid, legal services, or class action practitioners. 

  1. Within the last five years, you have attended at least one NACA FCRA conference or NCLC National Conference where FCRA was covered.
  2. Within the last five years, you have filed more than 5 cases in Federal Court against a CRA or furnisher for violations of 15 USC 1681.
  3. On an annual basis, and for the last two years, more than 10% of the number of cases you filed were for violations of the FCRA.
  4. Your firm does not regularly file or participate in class action litigation and is not a legal aid organization.
  5. You are a member of a small or solo firm, 5 attorneys or less with practice limited to individual cases.

UPCOMING Insight Programs.

Settlement and Negotiation, TBD.

The Settlement and Mediation Intensive will cover core topics in getting the things your client needs out of a settlement and how to negotiate for that bargained consideration.   Topics include

  • Critical Inflection Points in the Litigation and Managing Microaggressions by Opposing Counsel
  • Weaponizing Confidentiality, Non-Disparagement, and Ethics of Settlement Agreements
  • Tracking Data and Knowing the Value of Cases Where You Litigate
  • Using 26(f) and Rule 16 Conferences to establish settlement expectations
  • Negotiation Theory and Practice
  • Settlement Conferences and Mediation:  Recognizing Pitfalls, Holding Your Ground and having a game plan.

Trial and Trial Prep, TBD.

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